We fell in love with the photos and the day all over again!

When David and Jade booked me as their Pendrell Hall wedding photographer for their winter wedding, I was excited for the opportunity to shoot a winter wedding here. I know the venue extremely well as a recommended photographer, so I looked forward to the chance to explore the venue under winter lighting conditions to make full use of the venue and work with, not against the limited light.

I could have just used flash everywhere, but I hate the false look it produces when it overpowers the natural ambient lighting. Plus it screams “WE’RE BEING PHOTOGRAPHED, WE NEED TO EITHER POSE, GRIN OR HIDE!!”, when I’d much rather be unseen and as unobtrusive as possible. That’s not to say I never use flash, but throughout the day it’s use was limited to only 2 occasions: signing the register and for the evening dancing action.

Pendrell Hall Cottage and “Love is Enough” Bridal Suite

If you’re looking for a venue that allows both you and your partner to get ready near by, then Pendrell Hall fits the bill. As you enter Pendrell Hall off Wood Rd, there’s a self-contained detached cottage on the right that’s perfect as base to get ready. This was where David and his family chose to get ready for the wedding.

The garden area leads you to a lovely view overlooking a few acres of farm land with plenty of wildlife. It makes for a perfect early morning stroll in the morning sun, to clear your head before the start of the wedding day.

Then Jade got ready in Pendrell Hall itself where they have the aptly named “Love is Enough” bridal suite.

The Wedding Day

The whole day itself went very smoothly, with plenty of emotions to capture from the morning until the evening celebrations.

I loved their unique touches from Jade’s Converse wedding shoes to the end of the day finale with sparklers.

But as always, I’ll let my photos do the talking and later David and Jade will tell you a bit more about how they met and what their highlights of the day were.

Looking for a Winter Wedding photographer?

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Their Wedding Story in Their Words


How You Met: At Jade’s ‘Last Friday Night’ house party at University in Lancaster.
How He Proposed: Outside of Buckingham Palace.


The Bride Wore: Viva Bride
The Groom Wore: French Connection.
Hair/Make-up Done: My lovely friends Hayley Adams and Hannah Brewster
Invitations: Painfully crafted from scratch by myself and David
Ceremony and ReceptionPendrell Hall


First Dance Song: Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran
BandMulder & Co.
CakeKelly, Build a Cake Kitchen
Unique Details: As Dave said in his speech “We had a wedding at Christmas, Christmas at Christmas, Jade quitting her job and getting a new one at Christmas then off to Iceland on honeymoon for Christmas!” Safe to say it’s the busiest December we’ll ever have!


Bride’s Answer: Dancing all night!
Groom’s Answer: Sparklers!


Place: Iceland


David: Take at least 5 minutes to step outside and take everything in on your wedding day.

Jade: Wear Converse!

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