“Oh! I don’t know where to start! All we’ve done for the past two hours is look through every photo. They’re amazing – the perfect story of the day. Thank you so much!”

I must say I’d never heard of this country manor house in Derbyshire before and had no idea what to expect. But doing some research I knew I was in for a treat shooting at Alftreton Hall and it now listed amongst my list of Best Wedding Venues in the West Midlands.

Straight away I saw the potential for a grand wedding celebration. The day started off as a typical country wedding in beautiful sunshine. The day had it all: A crying bride, a tearful groom, fireworks, sparklers, a guest who ripped the backend of his trousers, just to name a few memorable moments. But nothing prepared me for the evening celebrations, as Aimee, Jon and their guests know how to party!!

After the first dance, I got my usual guests on the dance floor shoots and thought I had enough to capture the spirit of the day. Boy was I wrong! Aimee and Jon had booked a band who knew how to get people on the floor. (If you’re looking for a floor-filler check out Northern Xposure, they were brilliant!!) I’d actually said my goodbyes and had packed up my gear and heading out the door, when I heard a commotion in the next room. I couldn’t resist having a look and saw the party was just getting started, as the band knew what the crowd wanted and delivered, and the guests were now letting loose on the dance floor with their dancing and antics.

Why I Didn’t Leave Straight Away at The End of The Day

I’d got what I needed, so I knew Aimee and Jon wouldn’t miss these extra party shots……..Without any hesitation, I unpacked my gear and got in on the dance-floor action to capture the party spirit! You’ll see what I mean when you look at the party shots below, including one photograph of Aimee looking surprised, as she said you me: “I thought you’d gone home!” Me: “And miss the fun part of the day? Nah!! :-D”

That’s why booking a documentary wedding photographer who doesn’t clock-watch is to your advantage. The goal is to tell a complete story of the day, so I stop photographing when the party stops, not at a specific time.

I’m sure you’re dying to see what I mean, so again I’ll let their images do the talking. Then you can read their comments about their wedding story, which lead to me being their photographer.

Their Alfreton Hall Wedding Story in Their Words

How You Met: We met in a nightclub where our friendship groups became mutual friends before we both moved to Worcester to attend University.
How He Proposed: He proposed on Christmas Day 2015 after a 24 day advent calendar countdown complete with clues. I finally found my last advent calendar present under the tree – Jon on one knee!

The Bride WoreEssence of Australia
The Groom WorePeter Posh
Jewellery/AccessoriesIvory & Co.
Hair/Make-up Done: Hair done by Haireem by Emily and my makeup was done by my amazing bridesmaid using Charlotte Tilbury products.
FlowersPassion Flowers – Derbyshire.
Invitations: I created my own invitations to add the personal touch.
Ceremony Place: St Martins Church in Alfreton
Wedding Theme/Style: Vintage/Floral with a sprinkling of Fairytale magic on top.

Reception PlaceAlfreton Hall, Derbyshire
First Dance Song: Over & Over Again: Nathan Sykes and Arianna Grande
CakeIced Co.
Colours: Very pale peach and pearl.
Decor ElementsPerfectly Unique Occasions.
Unique Details: Our amazing band – Northern Xposure

Aimee’s Answer: Getting to the top of the aisle and looking down and seeing Jon for the first time.
Jon’s Answer: Seeing Aimee walk down the aisle – I was in bits.

Place: Cancun, Mexico

WEDDING ADVICE: Don’t ignore clichés – everything everyone says to you before is true, the day will go quicker than you ever imagined so enjoy every second.

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