Secret Proposals

Let’s talk about the beauty of secret proposals. It’s never easy to keep a secret, especially when you want to propose to the love of your life to show how much you care about them. But where do you start? Where do you propose? How do you propose? What happens straight after?

This page will answer all those questions for you.

How to Arrange a Secret Proposal

I’ve documented quite a few proposals over the years, so you can start by getting in touch to let me know of any ideas you have and I can guide you with any suggestions that I feel are relevant to your situation. We’ll start with a planning meeting to discuss locations, timings and logistics. The first being…

Where Can You Propose?

Proposals can literally happen anywhere you like. But to make it memorable, choose somewhere special and memorable for you both.

Jason and Lisa always visited Birmingham City centre in Dec, and it held special memories touring around the city. So where else would Jason choose to propose?

Danny knew Isobel loved flowers and gardens, so he chose Winterbourne House in Birmingham, with it’s beautiful park-like gardens to propose.

Prab scouted out the historic hotel, Hoar Cross Hall to propose to Nikki and shared his idea which I loved and ran with it.

How to Propose?

You’d think it’s easy as just going down on one knee and saying “Will you marry me?” But at what exact moment will you pop the question? Will I get a good view of their reaction? That’s where pre-planning come in. In our planning meeting I like to have a practice run to check my angles and to know exactly when to be ready.

Read how Natalie proposed to Richard by writing a special song for him. Yes! It’s OK for women to propose to me too!!

What Happens Next?

The proposal is a special time just for you both to savour. So I like the couple to stay in the moment after the initial proposal rather than immediately reveal my presence. Those are special moments to document for you both. A time when the realisation of what’s just happened washes over you as you know you’ve made the right choice of who to marry.

Once the initial rush has subsided, we can then have a mini photo session to celebrate the occasion.

Looking For More Ideas and Help?

Surprise Proposal Idea | New Hall Hotel

Guys, are you looking for simple proposal idea to ask the love of your life to marry you? Why not try what Rick did, who planned his proposal with me, even though he lives in America. Read how it all was planned

If you’re looking for a secret proposal photographer, I’d love to hear about your plans.