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Storytelling Moments From Recent Weddings

Over the years I’ve been privileged to be invited to witness and capture some amazing moments in peoples lives during their wedding.

My weddings have ranged from the small intimate wedding with just a few special guests to several hundreds in attendance at a grand cathedral. From the local wedding on my door-step to far flung places like Mexico and the Caribbean.

You’ll see that my style is as a natural story-teller, shooting in a mixture of black and white and colour images, capturing the natural, unforced and spontaneous moments.

Here’s how a typical day goes:

Morning Preparations

I usually start with attending the venue where the bride is getting ready and rather than ask for lots of lovely poses etc, I’m simply a fly on the wall documenting the preparations and the nerves as the ceremony draws near.

I love seeing and capturing those emotional touching moments, such as the father seeing his daughter bride for the first time in her dress. That little note she shares with her best friend bridesmaid telling her how much she means to her. Without interruption, I discreetly capture those special moments for you.

The men aren’t forgotten either. If you’re both getting ready at the same venue or very near by, time allowing, I can document the lads too. Thus adding to your collection of morning preparation images.


Once I’m at the ceremony location, I’ll position myself in a discreet location to get the best angles for your ceremony coverage. The last thing you want is someone roaming around blocking your guests view and being a general distraction.

Storytelling isn’t just about photographing the obvious main centre of the event, ie the two of you getting married. Sometimes something else may be happening near you, like the mother of the bride wiping away a tear from her eye, as she watches you get married.

Because of my experience of the different ceremonies for different cultures, I can anticipate when I need to focus on the two of you and when I can spare a little time to look out for another story happening around you.

Bride and Groom Together

Don’t worry. I hate the awkward, unnatural, cheesy poses too!! That’s why, if you choose to have a little time away for a photo session together, I’ll ask you both to be yourselves and generally ignore me while you share some quality time together. It will be a precious time, as all your guests will understandably want to chat to you both. But will you get the chance to chat to each other?

You can chat about, or do whatever you wish. Maybe you’ll discuss how you’re enjoying the day so far. Perhaps he’ll whisper in your ear what the thought when he first saw you walking up the aisle. Wherever your conversation leads you, it’s irrelevant as I’m never close enough to hear as I’m focusing on the emotions: The laughter together. The loving smiles. The little gestures or looks only you two know the meaning of.

Maybe you’ll want to practice your first dance. It’s your time to do as you please. I’ll maybe add a simple prompt or two, but it’s generally about you both being together and enjoying some quality time during your busy day.

Looking for Other Stories

I’d never want to take you away from your guests for too long, as I’d be missing some great moments that characterises you and your guets. This is where real stories are told. Photos of you and your friends messing around. A special look or touch from someone.

Note: I love seeing tears of emotion! So if the moment catch you welling up, never worry you’ll not look right on camera. I’ll make sure to be discreet and capture the tender moments for you in the best way. You won’t even know you’re being photographed.

Evening Celebrations

Once the party starts that’s the cue for me to get on the dance floor!! No, not to dance, but to get a “guest-eye” view of the party atmosphere. I want you to look back and remember the atmosphere as you saw it from on the dance floor.

End of The Day

What about going for a walk during golden hour as the sun sets? Even if there’s no golden hour I can create a special scene for you by using back lighting. Or, why not simply stand and watch the sun set on your wedding day? Savour the moment as you start the journey in life together as husband and wife.

However you choose to end your day, I can be there to document it in my trademark relaxed, natural and storytelling manner for you.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
You were fantastic in being very subtle and non-intrusive in your manner…you’d been so subtle; we’d forgotten that you’d even been there! Which means our photos are really natural and relaxed and you’ve just captured us having fun and being on top of the world!
Marco and Danielle
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
…As advertised, you were very discreet and we rarely noticed you were there. You managed to move about to get different angles in the Church which we had thought would be difficult, given what the vicar had said, but we are glad as it was really nice to have those shots…
Anna and Sam

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