It’s Easy to Plan your Wedding from Abroad

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s plan sailing to plan your wedding from abroad, but it need not be a daunting task with the right team on board. To help plan a perfect wedding I even have a few wedding tips that many find useful, even if your aim is to plan your wedding abroad as a destination wedding from the UK.

When Jean first got in touch from China to enquire about my availability for her wedding day, I first planned to arrange a Skype chat to “meet up” to get to know each other and discuss her ideas and plans for her wedding day. This is a great opportunity to see if we’re a good fit for each other, as photography is a very personal thing.

Not every photographer is suitable for every couple. There has to be mutual personalities. There’s style of photography to discuss. There’s obviously the cost factor to consider. It was so nice to know we got on well from the first chat that the booking was secured.

Next comes sorting the logistics of the wedding day itself. Although I’m a documentary wedding photographer and simply go with the flow of the day, without much interruption, I still like to know the order of events to anticipate key moments to make sure I’m in the right place at the right time to capture those fleeting, but important precious moments throughout the day.

To do that I have a pre-wedding check list they filled in so I was rearing to go knowing what and where I needed to be. Added to that I planned to meet up with Jean and Callum just a few days before to further get to know them, visit their venue and  finalise their wedding schedule.

Their Wedding Day

From the start I could tell this was going to be a fun day as I met their family and friends. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating it made for an easier day documenting their smiles, laughter and interactions.

Jeremy Corbyn even made a surprise appearance on the day! (see photo below)

I love the little touches they added throughout the day such as having a Polaroid camera for the guests to take a selfie and pin it to a message board with a handwritten message on the photo.

Jean and Callum even planned a surprise dance routine for their first dance, which is another reason for good planning before their wedding.

Another surprise was in store for them too, that their friends sprung on them at the end of the day. You’ll see later the photos of their friends gift wrapping their wedding car!!

All in all a fun day was had.

By giving yourself plenty of time and allowing an experienced photographer to guide you along the way, it’s fairly easy to plan your wedding from abroad. It similar to planning to photograph a surprise wedding proposal. Attention to detail is key, as you’ll see from the end results below.

Looking to plan your wedding from abroad?

If you’re planning a UK wedding from abroad, or planning a destination wedding from the UK, I’d love to talk as I’ve got experience with both! Fill out my contact form and let me know what you’re planning.

Here’s Callum and Jean’s Story

How You Met: At university, after a chance encounter
How He Proposed: At home after we bought a ring together

The Bride Wore: A V-neck two piece wedding dress
The Groom Wore: A morning suit
Jewellery/Accessories: Gold Pearl necklace and earrings
Hair/Make-up Done: A friend of my Bridesmaid
Flowers: Flower Centre Birmingham
Ceremony Place: The Regency Hotel, Solihull
Wedding Theme/Style: Red and Gold

Reception Place: The Regency Hotel, Solihull
First Dance Song: Solid as A Rock – Ella Fitzgerald
Cake: Mother Made
Decor Elements: Candles, sash, fairy lights, flowers
Unique Details: cake-shaped sweet box

Jean’s Answer: Repeating both of Callum’s middle names
Callum’s Answer: Watching Jean walk in at the ceremony

Place: Morroco

WEDDING ADVICE: Plan everything to take longer on the day

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