Guys: If you’re looking  for a some ideas on ways to propose to your girlfriend, how about following Jason’s lead who proposed to his girlfriend on Dec 5th 2015, based on a location that held precious memories for them both?

Jason first booked me a couple of months before the date he’d chosen to propose to Lisa, and as he had to come to Birmingham to choose the ring 5 weeks before the day, we meet up at the jewellers and then went into the city centre for a dry run of exactly how and where he planned to pop the question.

We decided that around 3pm on Dec 5th he would take Lisa into Birmingham and they’d stand by a predesignated street sign and he would pretending to look for directions, giving me chance to spot them in the crowd. (We sent each other a few secret text messages to co-ordinate things with military precision!) Then I was to follow them taking photos of them along the way to the proposal spot, all without Lisa suspecting “who’s this stranger following me and is he photographing us, and if so, why?”

Then at 3:15pm the moment happened!!!

Then my presence was revealed to Lisa!

The newly engaged happy couple!

Of course they couldn’t wait to tell their families the happy news!

Then off to the German Market shopping and drinking, as they’d done in previous years.

Since Jason and Lisa both live in Scotland, you might wonder why choose Birmingham city centre in December?

Here’s their story:

How Did You Meet?: I met Lisa on a Saturday night back in January 2009 at the Abbey Inn Bar in Lincluden Dumfries Scotland when we where both 19. We were both out celebrating Chole and Joanna 18th Birthday party.

I seem to remember Lisa “a wee party animal” staring at me in the mirror at the back of the bar as I was waiting to be served. I also remember my friend Arrol childishly daring me to get Lisa’s phone number.

Dare accepted I approached Lisa but before I could open my mouth she drunkenly slurred  “I know you, you go to college”. We got talking for a few minutes when I went in for the killer question “we could meet up town after the party give me your number and I will text you when I get up town”. I text Lisa that night up town she replied we met up and the romance started.

Why Choose Birmingham To Propose To Lisa?: Birmingham is my home town I moved away from Birmingham when I was 13 with my mom to live an interesting life in bony Scotland. I regularly returned to Birmingham to visit my dad and other family members. After a year of dating I took Lisa down to Birmingham with me so she could meet my Dad. They loved each other’s company joking and giggling at every opportunity. Visiting my dad with Lisa become a regular occasion especially at Christmas where we would visit the German market. After my dads passing 2 years ago we continued the tradition of visiting Birmingham for the German market. So I suppose the Birmingham German market holds special and happy memories for us both.

What Memories Will You Most Cherish About The Proposal?:
Jason’s Answer: The look of excitement and shock on Lisa’s face. The fact Lisa never had a clue about the proposal or the fact Clive was following us capturing the moment with pictures.

Lisa’s Answer: Turning around seeing Jason down on one knee with a ring in his hand. After the special moment I was even more shocked that Jason planned and kept it a secret for so long.

Lisa and Jason: Congratulations to you both from Clive Blair Photography. Thank you for letting me be a part of this special moment in your relationship together!!

Did you enjoy Jason’s chosen way to propose to Lisa? Can you think of any other unique ways to propose to your partner? Are you planning a secret proposal and would like it recorded? Whatever way you chose, I’d love to be a part of it. As a documentary wedding photographer Birmingham allows me to be centrally placed to photograph your proposal anywhere in the country and abroad. So please get in touch with me here. 

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