So your wedding morning has arrived and now you need to relax and enjoy the ride. But how can you be sure that you’ll have great images, not just from your wedding morning, but throughout the day?

Your wedding photographer will play an important role in capturing all the special memories that come with tying the knot. Make sure you choose someone who has experience shooting weddings, so you can trust them to capture the most memorable images.

I know that your wedding morning is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. It can set the tone for the following events.

So I advise you to remember that your morning shouldn’t just be about getting your make-up and hair done as quickly as possible, then putting on your dress and leaving so you can look forward to when the real fun starts at the ceremony.

Why not plan have some fun from your morning bridal preparations with your besties? That way you’ll have great memories to look back on.

Wedding Morning Location

Let’s start with the location: Ideally you want somewhere with enough space for you and your loved ones not to feel too cramped and under each other’s feet.

To give you an idea of what I mean, as recommended suppliers for Bank House Hotel, Spa and Golf Club, a few of us teamed up to arrange a pre-wedding preparation photo shoot to show the potential fun you and your maids can have.

We used the Bank House Penthouse Suite, which has more than 2,500 square feet of space and can easily sleep 4 adults with a dining space for 6.

The shoot was even featured in Your West Midlands Wedding magazine for June/July 2022 (issue 80)

Venue: Bank House
Hair and make-up:

Posed or Unposed?

As a documentary photographer, I’ll simply be capturing the morning in my usual unposed manner.

So there’s no need to worry that when booking me I’ll turn your morning into a real photoshoot, as you’ll have booked me to capture the natural, unposed images as seen in my portfolio.

Tip: To help enhance the mood, why not sort out your favourite music playlist that you all enjoy. Maybe someone will bust out a song or some dance moves too! That’ll make for some fun, natural, unposed images for you to look back on.

Bride’s Dress

There’s something else I’d like to point out from these images that it’s good for you to be aware of how I work on a wedding day.

The image of the dress hanging up was taken as it was set up before I arrived. I simply captured it in the best way, while also showing the room setting to complete the story.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I aim to not actually touch the dress or move things around unnecessarily, as I want you to look back and remember how everything really looked in the morning as you got ready.

I’m not saying that I’ve never moved the dress to another location. I have for example, in the distant past, hung a wedding dress from a high branch in a tree in the garden. (I’ve seen some hang the dress from the outside balcony of a high-rise building and shoot the image from another opposite overlooking balcony!)

But I stopped doing things like that when I realised that I was adding a non-authentic view of the dress to the set of images.

I asked myself questions like: “Why put the dress in a tree? What’s the story behind the image? Is the tree a significant part of the wedding story?”

I then quickly realised there was no satisfying answer, as I did it because I thought: ”It looked cool”- “It was different” or simply because “I saw others doing it”

Also, aside from the lack of real story-telling, I thought: “What if I damaged the dress during the move?”

But what if you really want a photo of your dress hanging up in a tree because it has some significance to you? Then please arrange for it to be hung up there and I’ll see it and naturally photograph it as an obvious story of your wedding preparations.

If you’re looking for more wedding planning ideas for your wedding, visit my wedding planning guide page.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer with the experience to guarantee the best photography possible, get in touch.

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