What are the average wedding photography prices in the UK? How do I choose the best photography according to my budget? What can I expect from a photographer according to how much I can afford? – If you’re a couple looking to get married and are now looking to hire a wedding photographer, you may be wondering questions like these.

This guide will help you navigate through all the questions you’ll be wondering about before you approach anyone. Questions such as: How much does a wedding photographer cost? What will I get for that price? I’ve heard that wedding photography can be expensive. Why is that? If, according to Hitched, the average cost of a wedding in 2019 was £31,974, how much of that budget should I expect to spend on wedding photography?

You’ll find answers to these and many other questions below.

I’ve tried to answer the most common questions people ask, and I hope at the end you will be better informed about how the wedding photography world functions.

This will mean there’ll be no surprises for you when you start looking around and get chatting with any photographers you’re considering hiring for your wedding.

Surprised by wedding photography prices

Average Wedding Photography Prices and Packages in the UK

According to my research below, the average price for all-day wedding photography with supply of digital files is £1,620

A recent survey by Your Perfect Wedding Photographer put that average even higher at £1820.

Interestingly, these price is not what the majority of the general public expect as shown by a recent survey when members of the public were asked:

“How much do you think it will cost to hire a wedding photographer for the day?”

The results were:

  • >£250-£500: 34%
  • £500-£750: 11%
  • £750-£1,000: 11%
  • £1,000-£1,250: 12%
  • £1,250-£1,500: 9%
  • £1,500-£2,000: 10%
  • £2,000-£2,500: 5%
  • £2,500+: 6%

So 68% underestimated the average cost of wedding photography!

On the surface, real average wedding photography prices can seem quite high for what many think of as just a “few hours” work on a wedding day.

I’ll explain later why the “few hours” you get to see your wedding photographer working during your wedding, can actually account for as little as 4% of the total time they’ll spend on your wedding.

But now you’re fully aware of what to look out for, before reaching out to anyone, you’re in a better position and far more prepared going forward.

After all, it’s not a nice feeling walking into a new restaurant, being seated at your table by the waiter and ordering some drinks and asking for the menu. Then when the drinks arrive with the menu, you choke on your drink seeing the much higher than expected prices on the menu! Then you have to walk out with an embarrassed look after only paying for your drinks! – I plead the 5th and will remain silent about who that happened to! 😀

What’s Included in The Average Cost of Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

The average cost of £1,620 is for a professional wedding photographer to attend your wedding for a “full day” and supply the high resolution, edited digital files by digital download.

A “full day” will vary for different photographers. But typically it’ll be coverage from the morning preparations of the bride and/or groom, through to the first dance, for up to about 10 hrs. 

They’ll then provide a minimum of 300-500 final digital images for you to download. These will be the “keepers” from a much larger pool of images actually taken on the day.

Images generally not supplied will be:

  • Test images for example, to test lighting and exposure.
  • Images where the subject has an unflattering expression.
  • Images that will be used for photoshop purposes

I always take several photos of each posed group all within a few seconds, because I know someone will always blink, have a funny expression or momentarily look away from the camera. That way once I’ve captured the best expression in one of the series, I can photoshop their face onto the master photograph that will be presented to my clients. But obviously I don’t present to my clients all the other photos of the same group.

Left ImageRight Image

Sometimes I also like to make a panorama view of a certain scene. This is made from several images stitched together in the computer. Again, it’s pointless also supplying all the individual images used for the panorama.

Left ImageRight Image

As you can see in the panorama above, once the basic panoramic is made, then there’s the colour grading of the file to make it look it’s best.

Because of this behind the scene work, when photographers are asked: “Can we get all the raw unedited files?”, the usual answer is no, as explained here in my faq section. The unedited files are not the finished product. They’re just the basic ingredients a photographer is gathering together to later present you with the best record of your day. A lot more work is required to make them look their best.

How Do I Access My Digital Files? 

To download your images, you’ll be given a weblink and password details for a website that caters for photographers by hosting their images online for them. This allows you to have access to your gallery of images from anywhere in the world, and makes sharing your images with family and friends very easy.

Your images will be securely stored and can only be accessed using a weblink and password.

There are a number of these gallery sites, but the most popular ones photographers currently use are: Pic-Time, Pixieset and Zenfolio.

Be aware too that some photographers will only allow access to your download link for a limited time. This can vary from a few weeks after your wedding to several months.

This is because they may need to clear their online gallery of the older images after a certain time to make space for their most recent weddings, as they won’t have unlimited space to store every wedding gallery. Online storage of images obviously costs money and those costs are built into their prices, so unlimited download access time is rare at that price point. 

Since wedding photography prices generally include a time-limited access to download your files, if you’d like unlimited access, that’s something to discuss with your photographer. They may have an option for you to pay a small monthly fee like £5 per month to keep your galley open for as long as you’d like.

Having permanent access to download your digital files is a great way to archive your images, as the gallery sites mentioned above will have very stringent rules to ensure the safety of your images by using the best servers around the globe that have amazing backup routines.

That way if your backup source(s) fail, you’re safe in the knowledge that your precious images can easily be retrieved.

Do I Get a Disk or USB of My Images?

Most photographers will either include a physical storage media in their package or will have it as an add-on for you to buy.

When the use of digital cameras became mainstream, early on in the 2000’s, wedding images could fit on a CD disk. But as upgraded cameras produced larger files, and photographers tended to take more images, there was a need to upgrade the devices used to deliver images on.

First DVDs were used, and now USB’s have replaced both CD and DVD disks as the preferred method to deliver wedding images.

Very few professionals, if any, still offer CDs or DVDs as a way of getting access to your digital images.

As everything migrates to the cloud, computers with a disk drive have become all but obsolete. Now that USB ports are being phased out from newer computers, it’s looking like the days are also numbered for the USB.

That’s something to note if you’re expecting a physical product to store your images. Will you be able to read them in years to come?

Anyone remember the floppy disks? They we’re an almost universal data storage format in all computers from the 1970’s, but they became obsolete after about 30 years of use.

It’s near to impossible to find a computer today to read a floppy disk.

So keep that in mind when considering whether to have a USB as the only way to have your images delivered to you.

How Wedding Photography Prices Changed Over the Last 5 Years

The average cost for wedding photography has roughly remained the same over the last 5 years despite inflation.

  • £1,590 in 2019-2020
  • £1,560 in 2018
  • £1,480 in 2017
  • £1,450 in 2016
  • £1,520 in 2015

But that doesn’t tell the full story, as a lot has been changing over the years as regards what a client is paying for.

Years ago for example, wedding photography prices would by default include a pre-wedding shoot and/or perhaps a wedding album. But in today’s digital, social-media-savvy world, according to Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, only 34% buy a wedding album, and are content with just the digital files to share their images via the cloud. Only 33% book an engagement shoot.

So by removing the album and pre-wedding shoot to the average package cost, the average cost of booking a photographer would naturally be affected.

So it could be argued that prices have gone up, but customers are sticking to a certain budget and are content with the reduction in what they get at that price point.

Average Cost for Wedding Photography in Different Regions of the UK

This is the average price in the different regions of the UK for all-day wedding photography coverage and digital files:

London: £2,015

South East: £1,725

Wales: £1,650

Scotland: £1,645

South West: £1,600

Northern Ireland: £1,535

North East: £1,510

Midlands: £1,460

North West: £1,410

To get these regional averages, I literally trawled through hundreds of wedding photographers’ websites looking for those who listed their all-day prices.

As expected, average wedding photography prices in London are the highest. But I never realised by how much. Expect to pay around 26% more for a London photographer than the national average.

As many include all UK travelling in their prices, you can understand why some choose a photographer from outside of London to shoot their wedding.

I also found that, when it comes to discussing prices, there are 3 types of wedding photographers:

  1. Those who don’t list any wedding photography prices anywhere on their website. The only way to know what they charge is to get in touch. They will then, either send you full details of their different packages, or send you a custom-made quote based on your wedding location and any special requests you might have.
  2. Those who list a starting price for their photography, and perhaps an average spend for their clients. The idea being that you’ll have a general idea of their price range to see whether they’re likely to be in your budget, or whether you can stretch to afford them.
  3. Those who are totally up-front and list all of their wedding photography prices on their pricing page, so you’ll know exactly how much they charge, including any extras you may be considering.

What Can I Expect According to How Much A Photographer Charges?

What's included in wedding photography prices

While price isn’t everything, and there are always exceptions to every rule, generally you will get what you pay for in wedding photography.

So taking into account regional variations, this is what you can expect according to a photographer’s starting price for a full day’s photography coverage and supply of digital files. Bear in mind that prices in London are 26% higher than the national average. So if you’re searching for a photographer in London, it’d be worth adding 26% to these starting prices to give a like-for-like comparison:

Starting Price: under £500

If you’re considering booking a photographer in this price range, make sure you have clear expectations, and don’t expect to get what you will see on a top photographer’s website, whose prices will be at least 3 times as much.

  • Considering the expenses involved in wedding photography mentioned later, your photographer will likely have another main job and will be shooting weddings on the weekends.
  • To cut down on costs, they may have to use prosumer, aka budget-grade, camera equipment and can’t afford back-up equipment or professional liability and indemnity insurance in case something goes wrong.
  • Be prepared for them to simply photograph your wedding and hand over the images with little to no professional post-processing to enhance your images.
  • Unless the person is doing you a favour or for the sheer love of photography, it’s hard to run a successful wedding photography business at this price point. So “caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware.

Starting Price: between £500-£750

Many photographers who are seriously starting out will pitch themselves in this category.

  • They’re able to offer a good basic standard of photography, but feel that because of their lack of experience, abilities and confidence, they want to pitch their prices lower and build up as time goes.
  • If you’re on a tight budget then perhaps consider photographers in this category. But, as before, always check to find out exactly what their price involves.
  • Check they have back-up equipment and insurance in case something goes wrong.
  • If they’re just starting out, they won’t necessarily have the experience to guide you through your wedding day to help you make an accurate timeline so things don’t overrun making you late for your wedding breakfast.

For example: If you’re having formal group shots, they may not have the experience of handling large groups of people, many who may not be interested in being photographed. They’ll need to know how long on average each group shot takes so they can advise you if your shot list is too long and how best to minimise it without missing out anyone.

But if your expectations are well managed you can find some great photographers in this price range.

Starting Price: between £1,250-£1,750

This category contains the industry average professional wedding photography prices in the UK.

Photographer’s whose basic pages start here will have earned their right to charge this amount based on their extensive experience and abilities.

  • They will likely have shot literally hundreds of weddings under varying conditions, and can easily adapt to changing circumstances without getting flustered.
  • They start to distinguish themselves from others by their USP, a recognizable style of wedding photography – it may be the way they see the world, their unique post processing, or simply their personality that brings out the best in their subjects.

    Your photographs won’t simply be downloaded off the camera and sent to you. They’ll usually need some post processing to enhance them according to a certain look or style the photographer is known for.

    This may include colour and exposure editing, as these 2 examples show how post processing enhances an image that come straight from the camera:
Left ImageRight Image
Left ImageRight Image
  • Your photographs will not only be colour graded, but you’ll likely have some minor photoshop work to digitally open eyes in group shots or to remove minor blemishes or distractions in your images. (See here for example)
  • Your photographer will likely have won awards for their photography. NB: The absence of any mention of awards on a photographer’s website, isn’t something to be alarmed by. Many are simply too busy, or they have no interest in entering awards and would rather their customers judge their worth.
  • More than likely these are seasoned professionals who have the proper mindset to offer a professional service and run their business properly, so you can be confident to book them a couple of years in advance and know that they’ll still be in business when the time for your wedding comes around.
  • These photographers understand what makes a great photograph and so will, either consciously or subconsciously understand the basics of good photography, like proper composition, lighting, exposure and posing.
  • They’ll know when to push the boundaries and break the rules and still produce stunning images you’ll be proud of.

All of this should mean that you can immediately see why there’s such a difference between amateur and professional wedding photography prices.

Saying that, if you can’t see the difference, I’m guessing photography styles and the finished look of an image are not important things for you.

If that’s you, then there’s no shame in feeling that way, as while I’m passionate about photography, I understand not everyone feels the same way about things like proper posing, choice of lighting and timings.

I don’t get excited by the thought of eating a gourmet meal as I’m happy with simple fish and chips. But some of my friends would pay what I feel is a large sum of money to enjoy the experience of dining in a Michelin starred restaurant.

So again, if that’s you, then consider those in the lower price bracket above, as what you get will no doubt be good enough for you.

But again for the reasons mentioned above, do your thorough homework first and know what to expect!

Starting Price: between £1,750-£2,500

This bracket will generally contain those who have developed and extended their recognisable brand so that it’s even more defined.

It may not be evident in their photography itself. It may show itself in things like:

  • Marketing specifically to a certain demographic group.
  • They may offer specialised pre/after wedding services that are more personalised to their clients.
  • They may only use top end wedding albums that start from the cost of a very basic photography package.

Whatever it is, if you’re looking for a more personalised service, like having a personal shopper at Harrods, then this is the minimum starting wedding photography price bracket you should be looking for.

Starting Price: £2,500 and above

If you’re looking for a photographer who’s basic starting price is in this price range, then you can expect to book one of the top wedding photographers in the UK. It’s not uncommon for their customers to end up spending 3 or more times the starting price, because of the albums and other extras they purchase.

These top photographers are in demand as there are so few of them, so start choosing early and don’t expect them to be available last-minute.

Most Expensive Wedding Photographer in the UK

Why stop there? If budget isn’t an issue, why not consider going off the scale and choose the most expensive wedding photographer money can buy?

“How much does a high-end, luxury wedding photographer charge?” is not a simple question to answer. You can’t ask Google, as high end wedding photographers tend not to openly advertise their prices because, as the saying goes, if you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it!

But based on my 30+ years experience, I’m aware of some top wedding photographers in the UK who’s starting price is around £10-15,000 minimum with no upper limit.

They’re the type of photographers who deal with the super rich, who’s weddings may last several days (18 days in one case), with A-list guests in attendance, at locations like a personal private island, with what many would view as extravagant entertainment, decorations and wedding features.

I read about one wedding that had a display of different sized artificial trees decorated with silver leaves. In an amazing procession, the biggest tree, which was about 5 metres wide, was pulled across the city by 200 slaves. If there was anything in the procession’s path, including houses, they were simply demolished.

When you consider the cost of the most expensive wedding I’m aware of, which cost over £80m, I can only imagine how much the photography cost, especially considering the average % of a whole wedding budget that is used for photography.

Why are Wedding Photography Prices So Expensive?

I mentioned earlier that it’s easy to think £1,600 is a lot for approx 10 hrs work, as that equates to £160 per hour. There are only a handful of professions that can command such a high hourly rate.

The reality though is far from the truth, as those 10+hrs are only a very small fraction of the total amount of time a wedding photographer will spend dealing with each wedding customer.

For a typical wedding, another survey for 2019-2020 by Your Perfect Wedding noted that a photographer’s time is split this way:

  • 4% Photography
  • 30% Business, Admin and Client Communication
  • 66% Culling and Editing

So 96% of their time is spent away from the actual wedding day!

So in reality their overall rate of pay for the number of hours they actually work is much lower!

Are wedding photography prices really too high

Wedding Photography Overheads

Consider some of the overheads that a professional photographer has to pay for to be able to stay in business:

  • Professional grade cameras and lenses that can stand the rigours of constant use under varying weather conditions and still keep functioning. Would you be surprised to know that one standard professional camera body can start from £2,000 and one lens may cost over £1,000? Then consider how many cameras and lenses they’ll need. I always carry 2 main cameras and usually have around 5 different lenses in my camera bag.
  • Back up of all cameras, lenses, memory cards, flash etc as equipment can and will fail at some point.
  • Insurance to protect their gear plus indemnity and liability insurance to protect their customers
  • Annual fee to host and maintain their website

Then there’s the computer costs involved to properly look after your images.

My Backup Routine for Wedding Photography

I’ll use myself as an example to explain what I mean:

Built into my prices is the assurance that your precious images are looked after from start to finish, and beyond.

  • On every wedding I always use professional grade cameras with 2 memory card slots. This means as I’m shooting, every single image is duplicated to a second card, giving me a back-up copy as I shoot. So if the main card started playing up and the images couldn’t be saved, I still have a backup copy saved.
  • On the wedding day I always use 2 cameras to spread my images around, so if one body failed or if both main cards in each camera failed, I still have images from the other body on the back-up cards, so all wouldn’t be lost.
  • In my camera bag and car I have back-up camera bodies, lenses and flash equipment if all of my main equipment ever failed.
  • Once I’m home, I immediately back-up all my images to my 2 separate drives on my computer – One internal working drive plus a NAS drive.

    The internal drive is mirrored to another internal drive so as I’m working, if the main drive fails, I can use the files from the mirrored drive to pick up where I left off rather than having to start all over again from scratch.

The NAS drive has its own raid system to protect against hard drive failure and is also backed up overnight to an online storage site.

That way even if my house burnt down and destroyed everything, your images are still safe and sound, as I can simply download them from my online storage.

  • If, despite all of these attempts to protect your precious images, your images were somehow lost, then my final defence is my indemnity and liability insurance.

Other Things That Affect Wedding Photography Prices

  • If you choose photographers from the average prices and above, they’ll be the ones with the most experience using photoshop to edit your files to look their best. Whether it’s outsourced or done in-house, the final image you’ll be presented with will be enhanced and made to look their best. Sometimes this involves removing distracting objects, or digitally opening the eyes of someone in a group photo. (See here for example)
  • Experience in the industry

This is something money can’t buy. Anyone can learn from books how to operate a camera or the theory on posing people, but does that person also know how to work with people who may not want to be photographed?

What if, as you’re about to start your group and bride and groom photos, the venue wedding coordinator suddenly announces that you have 15 mins left before the wedding breakfast starts, but your agreed schedule with the couple says you have an hour left?
An experienced photographer will know how to cope without getting flustered and still get the necessary shots done.

I know you probably say you don’t want to be posed, but for those few group photos you request, your photographer should know how to quickly get people looking their best, so the session doesn’t drag on.

The number of times I’ve seen men posed with what I call the football free-kick pose, makes me cringe! A good photographer also knows how to avoid that.

  • A professional wedding photographer will also have years of experience to develop the ability to see light and use it to produce stunning images, when others may struggle to understand how to preserve the ambience of a scene and automatically resort to flash when presented with a darker scene.

Unless used with great understanding, on-camera flash can introduce flat, non-directional light, which tends to destroy the ambience of a scene that may been have deliberately lit in a certain way to evoke a certain mood or reaction.

Here’s an example of a venue’s ambience that’s been preserved without the use of flash. You’re paying for a photographer who knows how to capture such delicate lighting and remind you of the whole experience, as you remembered it.

Natural light photography to show professional wedding photography prices are worth it
  • Prices can also be viewed as expensive if the packages have other things included in them such as: Wedding albums (Many use luxury wedding album brands like Queensberry Albums which are in the higher price bracket and so that increases the cost for a photography package that includes them). The photographer’s prices may also include a 2nd photographer or pre-wedding photo shoot.

These are just a few things that go into wedding photography prices So overall, you’re not just paying for someone to come and shoot a few hundred images at your wedding for a few hours.

You’re paying for the peace of mind that, as an experienced professional, they’re able to faithfully record your day so you’ll have precious memories to look back on, and after your wedding be taking every precaution and reasonable steps to guarantee that nothing will happen to your precious wedding photos.

What could be more important? It’s these precious stories that you’ll be looking back on in years to come, as you recall how much you enjoyed your wedding day. 

If you only had your images for the next 10 years and your photographer cost £1,600 to hire, that’s only £160 per year to enjoy those memories. In fact it could be argued that the value of your images increases as time goes on, but you don’t need to pay extra to enjoy them.

In the grand scheme of things, wedding photography isn’t expensive. In fact we spend more per year on less important things. So it makes wise financial sense to invest in your memories that you’ll always cherish.

Should You Negotiate a Wedding Photographer’s Prices?

This is always a touchy subject for photographers. Would you go into a major department store and try to negotiate the price you pay for that item you want? I know some would try, but the general answer you’d be given is: The price on the tag is the price you have to pay. 

Many find it different when it comes to wedding photographers. They feel they don’t have the heavy overheads of a bricks and mortar company. With digital, they feel the photographer can take 1000’s of photographs without their overheads increasing, as “digital is so easy”.

These are just a few of the many misconceptions some have about why they feel OK haggling with wedding photographers.

Since wedding photography prices will have been worked out according to the photographer’s costs of doing business, if they discount their prices, they’re losing money that could be earned by accepting the next customer who is more than willing to pay their prices.

I know for some, haggling is in their blood and they always ask for a discount for everything, however cheap an item may be. But photographers are artists and are passionate about their abilities to capture the world in a certain way. You’re not paying for a product, you’re paying for a service that only they can provide, their unique view on the world.

So when you ask for a discount, it sends a signal about your view of their worth. You’re saying that you don’t think they’re worth what they charge, and that never comes across well to photographers.

Who goes into a high-end car showroom and haggles with the sales person, arguing that they can buy a car for much less at another dealer down the road?

The dealer would likely say: “If you feel these cars are not worth the price, I recommend you go to the other dealer! There are many reasons their cars are cheaper. You can’t get a high-end car with all the specs at their prices. You choose which is more important: The cost you pay or the end product you want.”

But that’s not to say you can’t “negotiate” with a wedding photographer! There’s a difference between haggling for a discount and negotiating your wedding photography package.

By that I mean, you may love a certain photographer’s style and would dearly love to book them, but their packages are just out of your budget.

You could ask if they have a reduced package available that could fit your budget. Maybe instead of 12 hours attendance, could they attend for 10 hours? Do you really need the included pre-wedding shoot, USB or album?

You can always buy the USB and album after your wedding, if you end up going under your wedding budget come the wedding day.

Some photographers also offer off-season or mid-week offers. You just have to ask.

But please don’t be offended if the photographers say they don’t have the options to reduce their coverage time or strip out some things from their package, or don’t have offers for certain times of the year/week.

Some will have a no negotiation / package alteration policy, to be fair to all their customers. Their prices are exactly as they state.

Is a Professional Wedding Photographer Worth the Cost?

Probably the right question to ask is can you afford not to have a professional photographing your wedding?

After the food has been eaten, you’ve all left the wedding venue and the guests have gone home, and the dress is put away, all you’ll have to show for all your hard work in planning this one special event in your lives are your wedding images. Your images will be able to recall back to your minds all the fun, tears and laughter that happened on your wedding day.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion that requires a certain set of disciplines not found in other genres of photography. There’s a reason some photographers refuse to get into wedding photography, because of the increased pressures to get everything right the first time with no retakes. There’s no possibility of coming back another day, if you’re not happy with the results or something happens to your images or gear.

Would you want to risk not getting those precious memories by not hiring a professional who can deal with the difficult scenarios that each wedding brings?

  • They have to deal with, and know how to adapt to less than ideal lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors that may be constantly changing.
  • They know how to cope with last minute changes to the wedding schedule resulting in less time than previously thought. The ability to still make great photography if they’re not feeling too well.
  • A professional has backup gear and insurance to protect you should anything go wrong.

But if you hire an amateur, do you feel confident you’ll get what you hoped for? As an example, here’s a cautionary tale to illustrate whether a wedding photographer is worth the cost, and then I’ll leave you to judge.

How Much Should I Budget for Wedding Photography?

If you’re thinking of % wise, then based on different surveys around, most budget 5% of their total budget on wedding photography.

This figure can be expected to rise up to 10-15%, based on how important to you wedding photography is.

Those looking for a unique photographic artist should expect to spend more on someone who’s branding and style of photography they’re passionate about.

How to Pay for Wedding Photography

You’ll be asked to sign a contract for wedding photography and pay a first payment to secure your wedding date.

The first payment may be called a Deposit, a Booking Fee or a Retainer Fee. These terms all refer to the same thing.

The amount you first pay will vary from anything like £100 up to half your chosen package cost.

This guarantees your booking and your photographer will then turn away all other enquiries for that same date and will start planning for your wedding, because professional wedding photographers only shoot one wedding per day. Once your date is booked, they’re totally committed to looking after you.

Your final balance will then be due anywhere from 3 months to 2 weeks before your wedding date.

Paying up front is the industry standard and you’ll see the same thing applies for other wedding suppliers such as for your venue, wedding dress, cake maker, florist etc.

Some complain about having to pay upfront for something they’ve not yet received and say: ‘What if they don’t turn up for my wedding? Plus, I’d never go into a restaurant, no matter how expensive and expect to pay for my food before I’ve eaten, so why should I pay upfront?”

The simple meal at a restaurant analogy isn’t really relevant to wedding photography because, by booking a wedding photographer, they’re now turning away all other enquiries for that day and would lose out if you decided at the last minute not to go ahead with your booking by choosing another photographer.

So booking a photographer is more like booking out the whole restaurant, which means they can’t take any more bookings for that day. I’m sure any restaurant would ask for payment upfront if that’s what you wanted.

By booking a professional, they have a lot more to loose than you loosing your money, by deliberately not turning up for your wedding. In today’s social-media world, it would be the end of their reputation and whole business, as we all rely on good customer reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations to keep their business afloat.

So not turning up is not an option for any professional wedding photographer.

In Conclusion

I hope this walk-through of the most common questions and what goes on behind the scenes of wedding photographers has proved helpful so you better understand how wedding photography prices are decided on.

If there are any other questions you feel I could add to his, feel free to drop me a line.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer and wonder where Clive Blair Photography fits into all the above: You find my starting prices are firmly in the average price category. You can see all of my prices here and what’s included, with nothing hidden.

I’ve been shooting weddings for over 30 years, both in the UK and abroad, and have enjoyed meeting several hundred couples who have trusted me to photograph their wedding and provide them with lasting memories to cherish.

I just love it too when a client sends me a thank you note like the ones on my customer feedback page, to say how much they cherish the photographs I captured for them.

I’d love to do the same for you and your wedding. Just get in touch so we can chat further.


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