Huong and Matt’s hadn’t originally booked Pendrell Hall, because they’d booked me to cover their wedding at another venue. But unfortunately their original venue went into administration a few months before their wedding. So you can image they were now in a frantic search for another venue.

They’d not heard of this venue, as it wasn’t even opened yet as a wedding venue. Instead it was being renovated to be used as a wedding venue for the first time later in the year.

“Fortunately for us Pendrell Hall brought forward their opening date by a month which meant that we were able to hold it there. When we were originally searching for a venue, Pendrell Hall wasn’t even available as a wedding venue but luckily for us, when we were searching second time round it had been taken over and was being renovated.

When we viewed it, the venue was part way through the renovation process but we could tell by what had already been finished that on completion it would look stunning, perfect for our wedding.”

The Wedding Day

Everything went so well for the wedding day. What I loved were the Anglo-Oriental touches to their wedding day. Huong changed into a traditional wedding dress, plus they had a traditional tea ceremony.

Huong said:

We wanted the Chinese symbol for double happiness, which features throughout Vietnamese weddings to run through our wedding. So we had this on all of our invitations and our wedding favour boxes.

Added to everything the Pendrell Hall staff were superb, because they were constantly making sure everything went well. However, this wasn’t just a one off either because it was their first wedding reception. In fact, I’ve since been booked many times as a recommended Pendrell Hall photographer and the staff have continued to go above and beyond duty to help out. Meaning you can’t go wrong booking your wedding here.

The moral of this whole story? Make sure you have wedding insurance to cover things like your wedding supplier going bust.

I Almost Lost this Booking Too!

I almost wasn’t their photographer! This was because, when Huong first enquired, as I’d shot a few of her friend’s weddings, I never received her email enquiry!

It’s only because she sent another message asking if I’d received her first message that I realised her original enquiry got lost in cyberworld!

The lesson? If you don’t get a reply to your email, please either check your spam folder or resend another message, Better yet, ring or text, as I always reply to every message I receive, even if it’s to say I’m booked!!

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