Thank you so much we love the photos and perfect timing. We are on the last night of our honeymoon so it was so special to end watching that.
Thank you again we are so happy with them.

Cat and Lee 

When you’ve just sent a slideshow wedding day highlights and get comments like above, you know you’ve done what was asked!

Their chosen venue, Bordesley Park, was an ideal place for their laid-back, relaxed approach to their wedding celebrations, as they could have everything in one location, from getting ready, having their ceremony and evening celebrations all in one convenient location.

Lee was the typical nervous groom before the ceremony, but as soon as he saw Cat walk up the aisle, his nerves were swept away at the sight of her.

I could tell that his family and friends are jokers first when the ring-bearer brought a little humour to the ceremony. When asked to give Lee the ring for his bride, he at first offered Lee a jelly-sweet ring which Lee wasn’t totally unexpected and confused Lee for a few seconds until he realised what it was and almost burst out laughing.

Then there was the time during the throwing of the confetti. One guest got a large handful and thurled it straight into Lee’s face as he passed, giving him an eye and mouth full!!

Everyone one enjoyed the beautiful summer’s day, as it allowed them to roam around the 4 acre site and explore the many areas available.

The trampoline again proved popular for young and old!

Then the party began with some party dance classics to get everyone on the dance floor. See if you can guess what they were dancing to in some of the dance shots!

Wedding Dress: Georgina Scott Bridal
Florist: The Flower House Droitwich
Hair Lauren Beddoes
Make up Jord
DJ Green Claws
Cake For Goodness Cake

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