The ladies have always had a knack at making the most out of their wedding day. You and the boys need to do the same.

But this starts earlier than the wedding eve/morning when you’re trying to get rid of the last-minute jitters. The moment you ask them for their hand and they say yes, that’s when the ball should start rolling.

“But how can I do it?”

With these 5 simple tips. Your wedding day will be bound to be glorious.

1. Start Fitting Suits Early

Everyone’s game on being your groomsman for the wedding. Now, what’s next?

Suit fittings. And you should do this as promptly as possible.

Fitting suits is not a one-time affair. It starts with all of you deciding on the dress code you’ll opt for, first. And for some groomsmen, the traditional “everyone wears the same” kind of dress code just doesn’t work.

And if the latter is the case, enough time should be available to make sure everyone’s unique dress code is done and dusted before the covers start raising for the D-day.

Usually, it takes a while longer to have these mix-and-match suits made compared to the uniform wear everyone opts for – and that’s why you might need more time.

2. Get Them Gifts Prior to the Wedding

It’s one thing for your best pals to agree to be your right-hand men during your wedding, but it’s another for you to show gratitude and send gifts their way.

Gifting groomsmen has been a traditional way of saying thank you to the guys who have not only been friends to you but also a support system as you plan your wedding.

“So, what should I get them?”

Just a few small purchases of items they’d love. For instance, if your groomsmen are the dapper kind, a grooming kit would be perfect for them.

And with a personalised touch, you can turn the tables.

Personalisation is the morale booster that makes the gifts more special and gets everyone excited for the big day. Simply put, you’ll have their names written on each item they’ll receive.

You can get personalised groomsmen gifts from sites such as Groomsmen Gift Source or a browse through Etsy.

3. Have Your Best Man Help You Organise the Groomsmen

Your best man carries a lot of responsibilities, one of them – helping you lead and organise the groomsmen.

This means that while you’ll be busy receiving your bride and making sure your vows are not recited out of order, the best man should be playing tag team and ensuring the rest of the event runs smoothly.

But his role isn’t put to test on the wedding day alone.

Even while you’re still dealing with suit fittings, for instance, you can have him organise the trips to the tailor while you handle other businesses with your bride.

At the end of the day, he should be your most trusted and obligated right-hand man.

4. Eat a Big Meal

How can men have a good time without a big hearty meal? That’s what you should offer your groomsmen, a few days to the wedding.

Most preferably, this should happen on the eve.


Sharing a meal at such a moment will be a great way to get everyone bonded and excited for the upcoming events.

And more importantly, it will be your creative way of feeding up before a long, eventful, and tiring day. The next time all of you will be eating will be during the reception, after exchanging niceties, photos, and conversations with the numerous guests who will be attending.

So fill those bellies up.

5. Start Your Day Early

On the D-day, despite possibly having an easy schedule in the morning, you should still be the early birds. This is important if neither of you wants to feel rushed at any point during the morning preparations.

Also, if you happened not to have distributed the groomsmen gifts then, then this would be a perfect time. Get up early, get ready, and then while you’re waiting for the girls to get their makeup done, surprise the boys with the gifts you bought them.

In addition, waking up early gives you some extra time to deal with any unforeseen events. Just make sure every groomsman has a schedule of how the morning should run so that everyone is in tabs.

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