Thank you for capturing our moments so candidly and authentically. You were like a secret agent, scooting around so quietly that we barely ever knew you were around which made for such honest photographs.

For my last wedding of 2019, on one of the shortest days of the year in December, I had a treat shooting Amy and Daniel’s winter wedding at Ettington Park Hotel.

From the start to the end, this whole wedding celebration was a delight to photograph. The couple, their families and friends were from various parts of the world to make a truly international and fun wedding to capture. The bride was born in Canada to English and Scottish parents. The groom’s family is British but with Greek and Jamaican family heritage.

I loved, during the reception, how different tables would spontaneously break out in song to serenade the couple, who then had to kiss as a thank-you to everyone.

It’s was lovely too to get a thank-you letter telling me how much they enjoyed reliving their special moments through my photographs.

I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Are you planning a winter wedding or celebration at Ettington Park Hotel?

I’d love to talk as I loved this location and would love the opportunity to shoot more there! Let me know what you’ve planned.


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