“Clive, absolutely in love with the photos, thank you so much!.”

As a Birmingham wedding photographer, the opportunity to travel further afield is always welcomed. So I was pleased when Ravi and Jenika decided to have a Witley Court Pre-wedding shoot before their traditional Hindu ceremony, which also included Hindu pre-wedding ceremonies. So 3 days of colour and tradition awaited me.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve worked there, so it was a lovely opportunity to visit this site again, as engagement shoots are a great way to get to know each other beforehand.

Witley Court History

There are so many beautiful locations to shoot in and around the grounds of this Worcestershire English Heritage site.

An extra bit of history trivia for you: This was the site used for the first promotional clip for “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, the debut single by Procul Harum released in 1967.

A notable feature of Witley Court is the impressive Perseus and Andromeda fountain, one of the grandest in Europe. This is the centerpiece of the the whole garden area. If you want a photo of it, it’s worth noting that the fountain isn’t on continually. It starts to spout on the hour and runs for about 15 mins then stops, then starts again on each hour. So if it’s not on just wait for the next hour to get a photo in all it’s glory.

How to Relax During Your Pre-wedding Shoot

During our pre-shoot chat, Ravi and Jenika mentioned how nervous they were, as they’re not used to being in front of the camera.

Because they know I’m a natural, do-as-you-please type of documentary photographer, they were concerned they wouldn’t know what to do to get the best photos to celebrate their engagement and imminent wedding celebrations.

I reassured them, that I will give a few prompts to get them in the right mood, then I’ll let the scene and mood naturally develop, while I move around to get the best image for them.

I must say they needn’t have worried, as they were total naturals in front of the camera. As the saying goes “The camera loves you!!”

In the end we spent a couple of hours shooting because we all were having so much fun.

How to Prepare for Your Pre-wedding Shoot

I could tell that they’d read and studied my pre-wedding shoot info sheet on how to prepare for an engagement photo session. In it I discuss the answers to questions like:

  • What should I wear and what are the best colours for a pre-wedding shoot?
  • Should I get my make-up done professionally?
  • We love props, can we bring them?

For me, it’s all about preparation to make sure everyone feels relaxed, and everything goes as smoothly as possible.

This is exactly why a pre-wedding shoot is such a good idea. It allows a couple to get a taste of how relaxing it is to be photographed.

So, come the wedding day, they’ve done it before and they can fully relax to enjoy their day, with full confidence that I’m looking after them and everything will be OK.

Are you planning a Witley Court Pre-wedding  shoot?

I’d love to talk as I loved this location and would love the opportunity to shoot more there! Fill out my contact form and let me know what you’ve planned.

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