Having a pre-wedding shoot before your wedding is a great way to see how relaxing it will be on your wedding day when you choose a documentary wedding photographer.

This is especially true if you dread the thought of having your photo taken. Who can remember those dreaded school photos and how you hated your smile? That experience can be carried around for life.

That’s why your enagement shoot session with me isn’t simply a smile-at-the-camera photo shoot, but I allow the two of you to talk and interact with each other, as I give you little prompts and move around to get the best photographic angles.

Doing the shoot that way means it becomes just an opportunity for the two of you to get together, doing your thing, while I just happen to be there to document it for you to remember in years to come. Have you any hobbies, interests or something that characterises the both of you? Why not bring them along and we can incorporate them in the session. That’s what Marverine and Austen did, as explained later.

That can be a hobby, interest, or just something random that’ll make you remember the fun you had during the engagement shoot.

I’ve know Marverine and Austen for sometime now as I’ve been taking a few of their business portraits over the recent years, so it was great to be chosen to photograph their wedding. But first came the pre-wedding shoot.

As they both live and work in Birmingham, a Birmingham pre-wedding shoot was the natural choice.

(Just to explain the beer reference in the images below, Marverine is a beer expert in her spare time!! That, along with working as a TV presenter, producer and journalist, makes her one pretty busy lady!! You go girl!!! )

If you’re looking for a pre-wedding shoot that will be natural and relaxing, I’d love to hear from you.

Just fill in my contact form with your details or give me a call on 07809 505242. Either way I look forward to hearing from you.

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