Wedding Albums

A photo is not a photo until it’s printed.

I believe that all weddings should have a suitable means of displaying them for all to see. If you’re going to book me as a documentary wedding photographer, why not have a custom made album to show your images in their glory? Here are a examples of the album you can display them in.


These albums are my signature product. They enable you to combine matted and flushmount pages in the same album, and to bleed images out to the edge of matted pages on one or more sides.

Pages are normally mounted pagemount style (ie with the photos trimmed to fit inside the card mat to expose the core page)

Pages have clean cut edges, with no edging or corners. Available with ivory or black mats and core pages.


This flush-mount style album allows a wide variety of page layout designs and like all my albums are totally bespoke.

This album style allows for images to be designed to cover a full panoramic spread across 2 pages.


My introductory album is The Jorgensen Studio Album. This is a matted album. In other words, it has overlays over the photograph, to hold the photos in the album. This design, together with the prints create a truly 3 dimensional look to your images. The matt overlays are available in either white or charcoal.

You’ll notice a key line around each image too that adds to the look of quality. The key line colour would always compliment the mat overlay colour.

USB Print Box

Having your images as digital files are an easy and convenient way to preserve your precious memories.

But that ease can also be it’s Achilles heal, as what if you’re nowhere near a computer to load them up to view?

Or how do you easily show your photos when you’re with a group of friends?

There’s an easier way than getting them huddled around your phone or tablet: Why not preserve your digital files in this wooden box along with your favourite images professionally printed to show them off at their best?