• "Welcome and thank you for dropping by. I'm a Birmingham wedding photographer, but love to travel here, there and everywhere to capture weddings and their unique vibes.

    Over the more than 25 years I've been photographing peoples' special day, I've found that as a wedding photographer Birmingham offers me a central location to be able to photograph in some of the finest wedding venues in the area, in and around Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Worcester, Bromsgrove, nationally around Manchester, London, Southampton, and even further a field to destination weddings in Ireland and the Caribbean! [I know, life can be hard. But some one had to do it!]

    My ideal wedding is to capture the whole day, starting from the unobtrusive story-telling of the morning preparations right through to the evening celebrations after the first dance, when everyone relaxes and can let their hair down. Along the way, I like to keep your day flowing so, while I'll take as many groups as you wish, most people like to keep them to a minimum, say 15-20 minutes. That way your lasting memory along with your great images, will be of the time you spent with the ones you love, your family and friends.

    I know that planning a wedding can be a minefield, so I'm also able to recommend other wedding suppliers for you, and also a few tips on how to guarantee your guests will have fun at your wedding. Feel free to get in touch and to sign-up for your free e-book: "15 Essential Wedding Planning Tips" from here.

    There is a lot more to tell, but hopefully my site will tell the story sufficiently through it's images. My latest weddings are listed below from my blog. Please have a good look around and if you're interested in meeting up for a chat, get in touch."


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    Wedding USB Sticks

    With fewer and fewer computers being made with a disk drive, the next generation of digital image delivery has to wedding usb sticks. So I’m happy to tell you that, as I’m trying to keep ahead of the pack, I now offer wedding usb sticks for all my wedding digital file deliveries. These drives are manufactured from sustainable bamboo and thus are environmentally friendly and each stick

    Fazeley Studio Wedding: Kiran and Ryan

    Kiran and Ryan chose Fazeley Studios for their wedding reception, and while this has been the third time in 2 years I’ve been there, it never cesases to impress me. The unique style fittted well with Kiran and Ryan’s fusion of cultures. If you’ve never been to Fazeley Studios in Birmingham, it’s deffinately a place to visit if you want a surprise. The website describes it

    New Hall Hotel Pre-Wedding Shoot: Kiran and Ryan

    New Hall Hotel was chosen for Kiran and Ryan’s pre-wedding shoot to make the most of the gorgeous seasonal bloom and location. As always I’ll let the images do the talking. But if you are looking for a New Hall Hotel pre-wedding shoot of your own, get in touch here

    Packington Moor Wedding: Lynsey and Jonathan

    IN THEIR OWN WORDS How We Met: We met through the Salvation Army, I was a student and moved to Bristol and attended my local salvation army. Jon went regularly, we lived right near each other, became really good friends and feel in love. The rest they say is history. How He Proposed: This was really sweet, I was going home for Christmas and Jon made a really big thing about us spending a nice